Cash Management Module

By the help of cash management module, the requirements of effecting institutional payments and collections by providing technical consistency, collecting cash management products under one umbrella, developing a parametric and flexible system that works in a central structure, having ability to present a new product to the market as quick as competitors, and hereby providing costless source for bank is met.

Entering general parameters of the institutions is provided through a single screen. Corporation group definition, corporation status, validity, collection method and blocked day number are defined. Also, whether past time collections will be done and partial payments will be accepted or not are defined. Moreover, calculating the overdue interest and discount, determining amount transfer criteria, defining corporation collection coalition and usage accounts, corporation screen structures and file patterns coming from and sending to the corporations are defined. Online corporation collection is done to with the corporations like SSK, Bağkur, Telekom, Tedaş, Deniz Feneri. By making file transfer with other corporations, offline collection is done from branches. Collections made through the cash-desk are prepared according to the way of making these transactions through POS, internet, and ATM. Ministry of Finance Tax Collection application can make all transactions of tax collection.

At the end of the day, corporation collections are transfered to the related corporation collection account as such they are blocked during the defined blocked time. At the end of the blocked time, virement is automatically done for the defined usage account. The definition of payment corporation and debtor account are made for corporation salary and batch money transfer payments . Proper salary and batch money transfer files sent by corporations are loaded to system. After the control and confirmation of branch transfer is done automatically.

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