Credits Module

Individual Credits

It has been developed to meet the requirements of preparing infrastructure enabling the bank's individual credit function to reach at a level and diversity that can compete with the other banks in terms of product portfolio. It also makes credit placement / risk tracking and control, creates parametric applications regarding to product groups. Customer credibility determination step is provided by starting from credit application process. Necessary guarantee controls, term period controls, receivable fees and commisions are tracked through the system in terms of usable credit product groups. Branch and user authority regarding to the credits which will be used, and placements opened for branch are controlled by the system. Transactions related to the housing credit, consumer and vehicle credit, credit deposit account and foreign exchange indexed credits which are all among the individual product range can be done. Moreover customer requirements like interim bonus can be met.

Commercial / Agricultural Credits

Credits module has been developed to fulfill the bank's credit functions, control the guarantee, agreement and limits systematically, implemente the risk management and track it robustly, increase the market competitive power through the module's easily adaptable product system.

Credit notification information, receivable guarantees, general and product based limit assignations are defined to the system. YP and TL cash and non-cash credit utilizations, risk-guarantee comparisons, payment plans creation, back payment, accrual of interest, and collection transactions can be implemented automatically. Customer notification information is kept with its brief history completely. Rate of exchange and pricing applications can be performed with custom pricings. Screen can be used without a parametric product structure, adaptation and development reqiurement of new products. Changes are made automatically by the centre regarding to their variable, fixed and bounty fed interest structure. Implementation of different applications for credits, risks of which do not belong to the bank can be possible. Online and batch reports in which all the transactions can be tracked are available.

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