Banking and Finance: FINART

Today's financial markets present you with numerous challenges that threaten your competitive advantage and profitability. Those challenges, along with increased regulatory requirements for financial reporting, often require you to get the support of a trusted and experienced partner.

We are a provider of a comprehensive range of banking applications and solutions developed to optimize investments, minimize risk, and improve operational efficiencies. Through our proven expertise in offering banking applications we help the largest bank of Turkey achieve operational efficiencies while letting him focus on core business activities such as boosting assets, creating wealth, securing regulatory compliance and extending customer relationships.

Finart, the biggest banking application of the world running in both .NET and Linux platforms, is a core banking application currently used in more than 1500 branches of Ziraat Bank. Development project was completed in April 2004 and widespread use started at the end of the same year. The application relies on a central database and is highly adaptable owing to its modular and parametric structure.

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