Treasury Module

Treasury module has been developed to meet the requirements of storage, swap, effective transaction, foreign exchange interbank transactions, and forward processes of Fund Management front office, abroad branches and corporations. It also provides services about transaction accounting automation, tracking dealer and correspondent bank limit, composing bank cash flow, tracking and reporting in a robust way.

Dealer and correspondent bank limits are controlled, cash flow updates are provided, accountings are composed by entering interbank money market transactions to the system by the reuters. Necessary limit controls are made by installing the processes of abroad branches and corporations through Excel. Inter-account money transfers in the corresponding banks are effectualized, all kinds of reportings regarding to the transactions are prepared. Accountings of post-dated value transactions are composed, and daily rediscount accountings are composed for storage, swap, and supplemental transactions in the end-of-day steps. By transfering accounting transfer steps included in the part of the end-of-day steps, accountings and DAB/DSBs formed in the working day into other systems, integration can be provided.

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